Bitcoin Faxについて

Bitcoin Fax allows you to send a fax with minimal fuss. No sign up required.

How it works

  1. Enter a fax number
  2. Upload a PDF (maximum 10MB)
  3. Pay with Bitcoin on the Lightning Network

Lightning Network node

Node public key: 02d875382a2f30533a1eba1bde7e71b414f942da8be37ef7f47dfde119ac1f405c

  • IPv4:
  • Tor: fdjq5xqbhifvgw33ymdlqfsnt5fkatr37qzq7ee4lbjpfeid5qrkkvad.onion:9735
  • 1ML


Bitcoin Fax is developed by Australian web developer Simon Males in Prague, Czech Republic (formerly in Berlin).




If you want to show your support and don't have a pressing need to send a fax right now, you can do so by sending a donation in Bitcoin to the following address.